Morty Shallman

Last of the Zacharys, A Novel with Songs - Standard Ebook Edition


Recognized as the world's first Novel with Songs, "Last of the Zacharys" tells the story of Jay Allen Zachary, a young singer-songwriter with a troubled past, who will do anything to make it in the music business, even if it means "he" must become a "she."  This unique mash-up of literature and pop music features a full-length novel, and an accompanying soundtrack of 44 original songs, which can be streamed and downloaded from the web.

Love's Oblivion - A Novel in Twelve Pop Songs

"Another fabulous find brought to my attention during a trip way out West last fall (thanx, Fran!), Morty Shallman boldly presents a 45-minute “novel in twelve pop songs” chronicling one typical relationship’s ups and downs. And downs. But rather than tugging us too deep into some “Pet Sound”-ing emotional morass, “Love’s Oblivion,” via its bright-sparkling arrangements especially (just LISTEN to those background “ahhh”s supporting the first, and my favorite track “Amy”) keeps the mood airborne even when the lyric may take a turn towards the bleak (“I never knew love could be such a crashing bore”; “your friends and family line you up against a wall like a firing squad”). So whenever the proceedings do begin to lean towards the bombastic, a strategically placed acoustic-based reprieve such as song – I mean, Chapter number six, “I Never Knew Love,” will magically appear to cleanse the aural palate before diving back headfirst into the story at large. Overall as well, Morty’s spiraling vocals are kept full, alive, and very up-front indeed -- why, it’s a Nashville Mix, I tell ya – and when all is said and sung we are indeed left with, as the tray card insists, “not your typical boy meets lesbian, boy loses lesbian tale.” Instead, “Love’s Oblivion” reads as one gripping, thoughtful song cycle, but one which never ever sacrifices the Love and Lust for the Literal. So, listen. Learn. Read On, everybody." -Gary Pig Gold